Resource specialist, Funding Specialist/Personal grow consultant

 Welcome to our sister company of Hope Legacy Impact.

P*P Plus Personal growth Group, Partnering to Prosper through personal growth in our finances and our lives. I am the founding member of Hope Legacy Impact Gobal/PP*Plus Personal Growth Group.

My name is Andread and I am the founding members of the P*P Plus Personal growth community. I am a license Barber and Cosmetologist Instructor as well as a salon business owner and investor. I am married to a wonderful, retired Air Force Sr. Master Sergeant. I am also a mother of two college daughters, both are students of the medical professional. 

We have one mission and that is to Partner to Prosper and Personally grow our finances and our lives through building and helping each other succeed. Partnering is God's principal.

The vision of PP*Personal grow is to help create and develop 1 million entrepreneurs and from that many will become multi-Millionaires as we grow in Godly wisdom, helping and serving each other.

We are committed in achieving this through our team building and community network.

Andread M

The commonwealth community

Change lives, Changes destiny! We all win!

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